Shaka Guide Releases New California Tour Bundle to Educate & Entertain Travelers
The California Driving Tour Bundle includes Four Self-Guided Audio Tours for $19.99

Shaka Guide Self-Guided Audio Tours

Travelers taking a Shaka Guide self-guided audio driving tour.

Shaka Guide, the makers of Hawaii's highest-rated travel apps, has released its new California Driving Tour Bundle with four full-day audio driving tours for $19.99. These tours include Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley National Park, Yosemite National Park, and Lake Tahoe.

"California has some of the country's most breathtaking and diverse scenery," says Andrew Fowers, Shaka Guide's CEO and Co-Founder. "From the desert landscapes of Death Valley to the towering granite monoliths of Yosemite, we're excited to share our in-depth audio tours with travelers so they can connect with these places in a completely new way."

The California Driving Tour Bundle comes at the heels of the brand's most recent tour launches — Death Valley, Yosemite, and Tahoe.  Each tour was released this month. With the summer travel season in full swing, Shaka Guide is hoping to be a part of visitors' California road trips by providing them with a more enriching experience in these places.

In 2022, California saw over 38 million visitors to its NPS sites, according to the National Park Service's website. Of those visitors, over 7 million visited the three National Parks in Shaka Guide's California Driving Tour Bundle. And Tahoe, which is not a national park, sees approximately 15 million visitors annually.

With this sheer volume of visitors there are real concerns about destination management. "Our app provides travelers with expert information when they're in the destination about to visit a site," says Andrew. "This means we have the ability to provide safety information, sustainable ways to visit these parks, historically accurate stories, and address local sentiment in the moment — this is a really powerful tool for ensuring that visitors are equipped to travel responsibly."

With Shaka Guide this kind of information is woven together naturally with entertaining audio stories. You don't just visit these spots, you get handcrafted stories about the locations you're visiting. The company was founded with the mission to connect people with places through storytelling. As an example, in Shaka Guide's Yosemite National Park Tour you'll hear a 38-minute story about John Muir, who is considered the Father of our National Parks, including how he convinced Teddy Roosevelt to turn Yosemite into a national park.

The current California Driving Tour Bundle will be updated throughout the year as Shaka Guide plans to launch tours for all nine California National Parks by 2024.

"We fundamentally believe that connected travelers are responsible travelers," adds Andrew. "We hope that by creating meaningful experiences and sharing stories people will leave these places better than they found them." 

To access the California Driving Tour Bundle download the Shaka Guide app from the App Store or Google Play or purchase on

Contact Information:
Andrew Fowers
CEO and Co-Founder
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