ProEV to Unveil Advanced High-Voltage Cable Solutions for Commercial EV at The Battery Show 2023
North America's largest advanced battery event brings original equipment manufacturers, business leaders, and top-industry companies together to discover ground-breaking products like high-voltage cables and safety-critical solutions for commercial electric vehicles.

ProEV, a division of Electrical Components International, is proud to be exhibiting at The Battery Show, the premier event for the North American battery and EV ecosystem. The event, from September 12-14 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan, brings together more than 15,000 engineers and business leaders from more than 775 battery and EV manufacturers to spotlight the latest developments in commercial EV high-voltage technology.

ProEV, the center of excellence for electric vehicles at ECI, will display and demonstrate its newest emerging electrification and high-voltage cable technology and safety-critical solutions at Booth 1957. The company said it expects the demonstrations to generate noteworthy discussions on high-voltage cables, which are essential in the development of commercial EVs.  

"The Battery Show offers an unparalleled opportunity to exhibit our technology and meet with the top industry companies," said Jarred Knecht, President of ProEV. "It is a significant platform for conversations around evolving technology. Attendees can anticipate an enlightening experience from ProEV's participation."   

Knecht said one strength of The Battery Show is how it creates opportunities for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to visit and learn from exhibitors about the supply chain for the electric vehicle market and how to partner with other manufacturers.   

"We are always keeping up-to-date on the latest technologies to make sure we understand what is coming up in the future, and The Battery Show allows us to garner ideas with potential partners on how we can advance technology," Knecht said. "We can show new technical solutions, like how we are working with new interconnect solutions, more advanced connectors, more advanced high-voltage systems. We are inspecting and tracing all of our products using our proprietary AI, KonnectAI, a gap creator that is in line with our autonomous, zero-defect future."  

Knecht said the show also will allow ProEV and other suppliers to demonstrate the strength of their supply chains and their ability to deliver what OEMs need. "We have long-term agreements with our customers, so their supply is solid," he said. "We have allocated capacity and support all raw materials, so they are protected. The theme today, and that we will see at the show, is about how to protect the supply chain in the future and learn and evolve from the past. We want to make sure it is solid because now, as volumes are already climbing."   

The Battery Show also provides opportunities for component manufacturers who are not yet involved in vehicle electrification.   

"If they want to figure out how they could use their products in electric vehicles, or manufacture different products for EV, they should definitely attend the show to educate themselves on where there might be opportunities and establish supply partners," Knecht said. "Any OEM that is building anything electric should attend this show because it gives them a perspective on the underlying componentry and technologies of what's available and what's coming."

To meet the ProEV team at The Battery Show, schedule an onsite meeting by contacting Catherine Dela Cruz at [email protected]. Individual sessions can provide exclusive opportunities for an in-depth examination of ProEV's latest electrification and high-voltage solutions and discussion about safety-critical components.   

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ProEV™, a division of Electrical Components International (ECI),, is a center of excellence for electric vehicles within ECI. The company serves global electric vehicle players in the development and manufacture of their vehicle platforms. Founded in 1953, Electrical Components International is one of the world's leading wire harness manufacturers, as well as other critical engineered components for diverse markets. With 25,000 employees and 40 manufacturing locations worldwide, ECI creates smart, connected, and electrified solutions that enable the most advanced technologies to solve the most complex challenges. To learn more about ProEV™, visit 

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