Want to Learn to Skateboard? Twelve Board Store Shares a Guide to Help Beginners Get Started
Skateboarding is a thrilling sport that everybody can enjoy. Here, Twelve Board Store shares a beginner's guide for those interested in experiencing the excitement that comes from skating.

Twelve Board Store

Twelve Board Store

According to leading retailer Twelve Board Store, which stocks everything from electric skateboards and longboards to limited edition skateboard decks and more, skateboarding is a great sport to learn and just about anyone can pick it up. To give newbies confidence in their skateboarding journey, Twelve Board Store is sharing their top tips on choosing the right skateboard and protective gear and learning the basics. 

Twelve Board Store explains that choosing the right skateboard is essential to help beginners build their skills safely. As a beginner, focusing on the deck, grip and wheels is most important. For those with smaller feet or those who are heavier than average, Twelve Board Store recommends opting for a shorter deck as this will allow them to maneuver more easily. 

Grip tape is a material that is wrapped around the underside of the deck and is essential for beginners as it allows them to grasp the skateboard better while also making it easier to maneuver while remaining stable on the skateboard, explains Twelve Board Store. 

Skateboard wheels can make all the difference as they determine how fast the skater will go, says Twelve Board Store. With wheels available in several sizes and hardness levels, it's important to ensure the wheels are suited to the intended terrain.

Twelve Board Store recommends using protective gear such as a helmet, wrist guard and knee and ankle pads. Falling is common when skateboarding, especially for those just starting out, so it's best to be protected with the proper gear to ensure safety. 

Day one is always going to be a challenge, but Twelve Board Store says the most important thing to do is start with the basics. When learning how to stand on the skateboard, it's a good idea to place the board on a flat ground and practice balancing before moving. 

To get kitted out with the best gear, including limited edition longboard skateboards, enthusiasts can drop into Twelve Board Store in Melbourne or visit the retailer online.

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