Twelve Board Store Promotes Safety and Responsibility on the Slopes of Melbourne
As winter sports enthusiasts gear up for the season, Twelve Board Store encourages all skiers and snowboarders to prioritise safety and follow recommended guidelines to ensure an enjoyable experience on the mountain.

With the 2023 snow season just around the corner in Australia, locals and visitors alike are preparing for their thrilling adventures on the slopes. According to leading Melbourne snowboards retailer Twelve Board Store, safety and responsibility are incredibly important on the mountain and wearing a helmet while riding is one of the most significant actions to reduce the risk of injury while engaging in these exciting sports.

To enhance safety for all mountain users, the FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski) has compiled a set of skiing instructions that should be followed. Twelve Board Store encourages skiers and snowboarders to adhere to these guidelines to prevent accidents and maintain a safe environment.

Key guidelines include having respect for others on the mountain. Regardless of skill level, gear or sport preference, skiers and snowboarders should be supportive and welcoming to fellow riders on the slopes. By offering advice when appropriate and maintaining a friendly atmosphere, Twelve Board Store says everyone can feel included and safe.

Skiing or snowboarding out of control is a major cause of accidents on the mountain, says Twelve Board Store. Skiers and snowboarders should maintain control of their speed and abilities to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

Skiers and snowboarders should anticipate the actions of others and plan their routes accordingly. Understanding the right of way and avoiding sudden manoeuvres on busy slopes can help prevent collisions. When overtaking slower skiers or snowboarders, Twelve Board Store explains it is crucial to provide ample warning and maintain a safe distance. Being cautious during overtakes, especially on narrower or beginner runs, contributes to a safer experience for all.

Twelve Board Store reminds skiers and snowboarders to follow these guidelines for a safe and enjoyable time on the slopes. By promoting responsible behaviour, the company aims to minimise accidents and foster a welcoming environment for all winter sports enthusiasts.

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