Turning the Tables on Non-Productive Screen Time: Game On, Kids!
LONDON - December 1, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

A new app, GenMove, released by app developer G13R Ltd, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, combines artificial intelligence (AI) and the selfie camera to create a fun and playful gamified exercise experience. GenMove aims to get more children up off the couch and moving and, in doing so, turn the tables on the sedentary lifestyle that is largely driven by more and more screen time.

Any parent knows that sinking feeling when they try to pry their children away from their phones, tablets, and computer screens. It's like preparing for battle. The addictive tendencies and impacts of too much screen time are undeniable.

The GenMove app literally puts its players in the game - through AI body tracking - and provides a high-intensity exercise experience, encouraging its players to coordinate their body movement to control their progress through a series of games and levels. 

The GenMove app allows its players to self-regulate the intensity of the experience, making it playable by children of all shapes and sizes. The games themselves only require a small floor footprint, making it playable anywhere, even in the living room on a cold and wet winter's day.

Already in its first week of the app's launch, the developers of GenMove (G13R Ltd), are seeing player session times clocking up over an hour of movement, with many of its players now spending several hours per week in the app, highlighting the potential of this new form of physical play.

GenMove is a useful tool in the effort by parents to limit nonproductive screen time for their children. Not only is increasing screen time contributing to a sedentary lifestyle - which along with poor diet is, in turn, correlated with obesity - but we now also know that lack of physical activity can exacerbate mental health issues. 

"We like to think of GenMove as gaming for good, in which children choose to play GenMove over typical sedentary computer games," says Andrew Hall, CEO of GenMove. "We achieve this by leveraging all of the recent advancements in gamification to motivate our players to want to move more. We engage children in movement, where and how they want to play. Parents should be ready for children to ask to play GenMove again and again."

Fiona Bull, head of the physical activity unit at the World Health Organization, says, "We now estimate that over 80 percent of children do not meet the physical activity guidelines of an average of 60 minutes every day. We are delighted to collaborate to bring GenMove Season 1 to the global community for free use, and to promote new forms of physical activity to a new generation, including those with mobility limitations, as there are games available for people who use wheelchairs."

GenMove, is a new take on screen time to get more children more active. GenMove, Season 1, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, is now available to download and play free of charge on iOS and Android. GenMove supports iOS 14 and above (which includes 98 percent of all Apple mobile devices operational today) and Android 10 and above (80 percent of all Android mobile devices operational today). GenMove is optimized for tablets, but can also be played on a smaller device such as a smartphone, or paired with a smart TV for a bigger and better screen experience.

Free GenMove App Download: https://onelink.to/genmove

Media Pack: link

Website: www.getgenmove.com

Contact Information:
Fiona Bull
Head of Physical Activity Unity WHO
[email protected]

Andrew Hall
CEO G13R Ltd
[email protected]
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