Step-On Snowboard Bindings Are the Future of Snowboarding: Twelve Board Store Shares Everything to Know
Set to revolutionise the world of snowboarding, the Burton Step On System is unlike anything that has come before, offering snowboarders a whole new snowboarding experience.

Twelve Board Store

Twelve Board Store

According to Melbourne snowboards retailer Twelve Board Store, the Burton Step On System allows riders to have the ultimate convenience at their fingertips without having to sacrifice comfort or performance in their ride. As well as providing an intuitive board-to-binding connection, the Step On System delivers exceptional security and effortless simplicity. 

Twelve Board Store explains that these snowboard boots and bindings offer several benefits over traditional strap-in versions, including increased convenience and ease of use. Designed to allow snowboarders to simply step onto their board and click into place without the need to strap in or adjust their bindings manually, riders can spend more time on the slopes and less time fiddling with their gear.

One of the main benefits of step-on bindings is their convenience, says Twelve Board Store. With traditional strap-in bindings, riders need to sit down and strap in each time they get on their board. This can be time-consuming and frustrating, particularly for beginners who are still learning how to ride. Step-on bindings eliminate this step entirely, allowing riders to quickly and easily step onto their snowboard and start shredding.

Twelve Board Store says the Step On System provides riders with super responsiveness because the rider's boot is directly connected to the binding, meaning there is less lag time between movements and the board's response. This can make it easier for riders to control their board and execute tricks, particularly in challenging terrain.

An exciting new development in the world of snowboarding, Twelve Board Store says step-on bindings are perfect for both seasoned pros and beginners and are well worth considering but points out that step-on boots are only compatible with step-on bindings. 

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