The Iconic Ice Pop Brand Is Teaming Up with Roblox’s Restaurant Tycoon 2 For Bomb Pop’s Virtual Debut

LE MARS, Iowa, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Beginning today, Bomb Pop, America’s favorite ice pop brand, is entering the world of Roblox, teaming up with Restaurant Tycoon 2 to bring the joy and delight of their snacktime staples to the virtual world for the first time ever. In addition to adding Bomb Pops to the classic Restaurant Tycoon 2 menu, Bomb Pop is excited to apply its signature look to a curated selection of limited edition restaurant merchandise – all unlocked by virtual sales within Roblox’s beloved Restaurant Tycoon 2 game.

The partnership marks a first for Roblox’s Restaurant Tycoon 2 in branded food partnerships – and a first for Bomb Pop as well, bringing their delicious ice pops to the metaverse for the first time ever.  Players will have the opportunity to creatively expand their restaurant decor  and menu through an immersive branded collaboration that combines personalization, customization and community.

When it comes to new platforms and new opportunities, Bomb Pop is no stranger. Since 1955 when the brand first launched its signature red, white and blue rocket shape, Bomb Pop has been emblematic of exploration and possibility. In partnering with Restaurant Tycoon 2, Bomb Pop is taking possibility and exploration to another level – a virtual level. Bomb Pop is excited to introduce an innovative concept that immerses Bomb Pop into the landscape of teens and tweens, allowing them to seamlessly interact with their favorite frozen treat through a virtual landscape for the very first time.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring the fun and creativity that Bomb Pop inspires to the virtual world,” said Alnese Thomas, Senior Brand Manager of Bomb Pop, “We are honored to be partnering with Restaurant Tycoon 2 to introduce Bomb Pop to the digital restaurant ecosystem for the first time. Inspired by opportunity, we are always looking for innovative ways to introduce the fun of Bomb Pop to new audiences, and this partnership is an exciting next step.

In addition to menu incorporation, players will also have the opportunity to purchase limited edition Bomb Pop elements ranging from classic restaurant staples to go-to accessories to fantastical new decor elements – all of which are designed to add individuality to the ambiance of a player’s metaverse establishment through the virtual sale of Bomb Pops.

To play, be sure to check out Restaurant Tycoon 2 on August 22 here and for more info, check out the trailer here. IRL Bomb Pops are available nationwide at your favorite grocery retailers for a standard retail price of $4.29 for a box of 12 1.75 oz Pops. To find Bomb Pop at a location near you, visit

About Bomb Pop®
Bomb Pop is the original symbol of summer fun. The brand began in 1955 with its launch of the rocket-shaped red, white, and blue ice pop. Through its iconic shape and distinct soft, icy texture, Bomb Pop has bridged generations of families and friends over the last 65 years. Learn more about your favorite Bomb Pop – and locate a store near you – at

About Wells Enterprises 
Wells Enterprises, Inc. is the largest privately held ice cream manufacturer in the United States. Founded in 1913 by Fred H. Wells and run by the Wells family for generations, the company is an independent operating company of the Ferrero Group, one of the global leaders in sweet packaged foods.

Wells produces more than 200 million gallons of ice cream per year and distributes products in all 50 states. Wells manufactures its signature brand Blue Bunny®, lower-calorie Halo Top®, the iconic Bomb Pop®, and Blue Ribbon Classics®.

Wells employs nearly 4,000 ice cream aficionados across the country. The company is headquartered in Le Mars, Iowa, where Wells has made Le Mars the “Ice Cream Capital of the World” as the largest manufacturer of ice cream in one location. Wells operates two manufacturing plants in Le Mars, Iowa, a manufacturing plant in Dunkirk, New York, and a manufacturing facility in Henderson, Nevada. Learn more at


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