WebSite X5 Pro Introduces AI with MagicText: creating contents for a website becomes fast and easy

Federico and Stefano Ranfagni, Incomedia founders


MagicText is WebSite X5 Pro’s new tool that assists while writing any type of text for a website; titles, paragraphs, short descriptions or entire articles.

AI represents a further step forward, making our technology even easier to use for everyone”

— Federico Ranfagni, CEO of Incomedia

IVREA, TORINO, ITALY, June 29, 2023/ — MagicText is the brand-new feature introduced in the new version of WebSite X5 Pro; a virtual assistant for the artificial-intelligence (AI) based automatic generation of text content that can write titles, descriptions and text for website pages, blog articles or product information for e-commerce.

The new Pro 2023.2 version of WebSite X5 – the 100% made-in-Italy software created and developed by Incomedia, which allows non-expert users to open a website, a blog or an e-commerce site with simplicity – introduces artificial intelligence to help users with content generation.

When developing a website, one of the initial challenges that often slows down the process is the preparation of content; long text (page content), short text (titles) or very short text (CTA), creative text (blog posts) or technical content (product information), text to be read by people or by search engines (SEO tags).

MagicText is WebSite X5 Pro’s new tool that assists while writing any type of text for a website; titles, paragraphs, short descriptions or entire articles. It is an AI engine that automatically generates text directly within the website. Not only does it generate text on the basis of input (prompts) provided by the user, but it is also able to search information previously entered into the software by the user, thus creating even more accurate content.

How to create website’s contents with AI

MagicText is a valid ally in finding new ideas, creating titles and paragraphs with a view to SEO (it knows the best practices for writing a Google-perfect title), generating tags, and finding the best tone of voice, all with a choice of 20 different languages.

It helps to generate product information sheet or a new post for a blog, or captivating title, or even an effective prompt, which is composed automatically by combining:

● a series of context information, for example, the title of the website, the title of the page being worked on, the field from which AI has been prompted, etc.

● previously made choices, i.e., the type of text, the tone, the language.

● information flagged as important to mention.

MagicText also keeps a history of all the text generated during a work session, so the user can go back to a draft initially rejected.

As well as introducing artificial intelligence with MagicText, the new 2023.2 version brings other extremely useful functions, such as the spell checker.

The new tool is already available

MagicText is already available as part of WebSite X5 Pro. It is based on OpenAI automatic learning models. It has been trained with public data from the internet and updated to 2021. It uses this data to predict and generate the text required in accordance with the instructions provided. The more specific the indications, the better the final result.

The user licence includes a hosting service, a guarantee to receive updates for 12 months as well as any new versions that will be released, and the opportunity to take advantage of the Priority Support service.

The secret to Website X5’s success

WebSite X5 is on the global market that covers Europe (Germany in particular), the United States, Latin America and Australia. It has already been used to create 650,000 websites in 120 countries worldwide. It is a simple and economic solution, but one that is fundamental for the digital transition of small organisations, as it is perfect for websites and e-commerce sites for SME, shops, freelancers, artisans, retailers, charities and schools.

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WebSite X5 2023.2: take advantage of Artificial Intelligence with MagicText

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