Tulsa Race Massacre Survivor Viola Ford Fletcher Releases Personal Statement Regarding Case Dismissal

I Will Not Be Dismissed…They Will Not Bury My Story”

— Viola Ford Fletcher

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Mocha Media Publishing stands firmly with author Viola Ford Fletcher in her response to the recent dismissal of the case seeking justice for the horrific events of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Ms. Fletcher’s new memoir “Don’t Let Them Bury My Story,” and her resolute statement, “I will not be dismissed,” echoes the sentiments of countless individuals who refuse to let this dark chapter in history be forgotten.

In her personal statement, Ms. Fletcher (Mother Fletcher) emphatically states, “I will not be dismissed. Our stories, our pain, and our demand for justice cannot be erased or ignored. The dismissal of this case sends a chilling message that the crimes committed against our communities can be swept under the rug. Forgotten. Buried. But we will not allow that to happen. We will continue to fight for truth, for justice, and for the acknowledgment of our suffering. They Will Not Bury My Story”

“Mocha Media Publishing stands in unwavering support of Viola Ford Fletcher and her courageous memoir,” said CEO, Mocha Ochoa, “We believe in literary activism, using the power of the pen to shed light on untold narratives to bring about meaningful change. Mother Fletcher’s determination to ensure that her story, and the stories of countless others, is heard resonates deeply with our company’s mission.”

Don’t Let Them Bury My Story, Viola Ford Fletcher’s captivating memoir serves as an essential historical document that encapsulates the horrors and lasting impact of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Her voice, filled with courageous resolve, is a rallying cry for justice, recognition, and remembrance. The dismissal of the Tulsa Race Massacre case is a disheartening setback, but it only strengthens the commitment of Mother Fletcher and Mocha Media Publishing to continue the fight for preserving historical truth and working towards a society that confronts its past with courage and integrity.

Mother Fletcher begins her book tour, along with her co-author and grandson Ike Howard, with a renewed determination to share her story and amplify the voices of the survivors ensuring their narratives resonate far and wide. It is paramount for us to unite in supporting this extraordinary centenarian who has made history by publishing her memoir. Her resilience and determination are poignant reminders that the pursuit of justice continues unabated. Moreover, it underscores the timeless truth that one’s story holds immeasurable significance, regardless of age, reaffirming that it is never too late to share your story or seek justice.

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