TruVariety Films Slate at AFM 2023 Include New Drama Series on Addiction, Border Crisis, American Identity & Loneliness

Socially Aware Drama Series That Create Empathy And Deliver Impact in Development

We’re on a mission to reshape the entertainment landscape by harnessing the power of diversity, innovation, and creative excellence to bring stories of substance that are not derivative.”

— Dr. Tanaz Molapour

SANTA MONICA, CA, USA, October 31, 2023 / — TruVariety Films, an advocate and amplifier of original and underrepresented storytelling and voices, is presenting a roster of film, television, and streaming projects for acquisition and collaboration at American Film Market 2023—the global film industry’s premier B2B convention taking place in Santa Monica, CA from October 31st to Nov 5th.

TruVariety embraces unconventional and challenging projects. “We firmly believe in the transformative power of stories and invest and collaborate with those that need to be told,” said Veronica Amick-Becerra, CEO of TruVariety, a veteran network, streaming, and film producer.

TruVariety’s co-founder, Tanaz Molapour, a psychologist with a PhD in Neuroscience, identifies and backs creative projects that speak to the human condition and the times we live in. “We’re on a mission to reshape the entertainment landscape by harnessing the power of diversity, innovation, and creative excellence to bring stories of substance that are not derivative,” she said.

TruVariety’s slate includes two drama series by Brit-South Asian-first generation American, Gail Vida Hamburg, a former journalist and prize-recognized screenwriter and novelist. TruVariety is presenting Vida Hamburg’s Rehab Riviera (2023 finalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay and Southern California Screenwriting competitions), a family and medical drama series about young Americans recovering from addiction in paradisal Southern California; and Heart Meridian, (2023 Austin Film Festival Drama Pilot & AMC Pilot 2nd Round) a sweeping multi-generational Neo-Western family drama series set in Texas, about American identity, historical memory, and erasure. “Both series are delicately-wrought, socially-engaged storytelling endeavors that explore and capture the current American psyche and zeitgeist about family, identity, belonging, and home,” said Amick-Becerra.

TruVariety is also promoting Cuddle Buddies by Jordan Roman, a drama about skin hunger, the essential human longing for touch, and its healing abilities that speaks to the current epidemic of loneliness and isolation. Through the Blinds by 7 BIPOC women writers and directors documents the gripping tales of women challenging the expectations of family, society, and their own traumas, as they reclaim their power.

As some in the film industry consider AI generated content a worthy competitor to writers, TruVariety Films stands by the artistic and creative vision of screenwriters. “Our roster of films, television dramas, and streaming content awaiting production partners is a metaphor for original storytelling of the human experience, filtered through the indispensable human heart, mind, and brain,” said neuroscientist, Dr. Molapour.

Tanaz Molapour and Veronica Amick-Becerra
TruVariety Films
[email protected]

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