The Churchill Center Announces Two New Locations in Arcadia & Fullerton, Ca.

As people everywhere are re-imagining and redefining what lifelong health, wellness and spiritual wellbeing means they are increasingly discovering Dr. Dana’s diagnostic protocols are at the nexus of modern medicine and the bedrock of his practice.

A comely and uber professional front office staff is known for calling their patients by name not a number

A comely and uber professional front office staff is known for calling their patients by name not a number

Dr. Dana Churchill MDN , Has built the Churchill Center on bridging the Functional and Traditional Medice Disciplines.

Dr. Dana Churchill MDN , Has built the Churchill Center on bridging the Functional and Traditional Medice Disciplines. W

Celebrate the Inauguration of two new Churchill Center Clinics Where Science-based Breakthroughs are the Foundation for Natural Healing

The Churchill Center specializes in preventative therapies, aesthetic treatments & life changing science healing. Dr. Dana serves to guide his patients to achieve lifelong wellness and “true Beauty.””

— Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent, VIPictures

ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA , USA, November 22, 2023 / — Celebrate with Dr. Dana Churchill, N.M.D. and his professional staff of medical specialists on Saturday, December 2 , noon to 5pm for the inauguration of two new Churchill Center Clinics. The Open House Celebration will take place at 289 W. Huntington Drive, Suite 307, Arcadia, CA 91007 @ Hale Medical Center. The second conveniently located Churchill Naturopathic and Functional Medical Center is located at 1400 N. Harbor Blvd, Suite 625, Fullerton CA 92838. A second celebratory reception is planned to begin the New Year with purpose.

The entire, highly respected staff of medical practitioners including Dr. Hwang OMD, Ph.D, LA.C and Dr. Cho, D.C. and their dedicated team will be on hand to engage guests with complimentary consultations. Guests are invited to immerse in the wisdom and knowledge of the Clinics shared holistic approach to healing, longevity and beauty; the benchmark of the Churchill Centers.

By combining the latest in medical breakthroughs with advanced treatments and comprehensive analysis of individual patient markers diagnosis melds science with empirical ancient medical wisdom. The Churchill Center is renowned for integrating the whole body, mind and spirit in their treatment of the root cause of ailments and disease. “We strive to provide the best possible health and wellness to maintain and advance youthful longevity throughout a lifetime. For over two decades we have produced profound results and a better quality of life for our family of patients,” confirms Dr. Dana Churchill, N.M.D..

The occasion also commemorates the signing of Dr. Dana Churchill’s latest best seller, “From Debilitating Illnesses to Abundance”. Drawing from first person experience and having treated patients of all ages, ethnicity, and gender (and now multi-generational families) many had illnesses that were diagnosed elsewhere as chronic and in some cases incurable. “Our practice of evolutionary treatment protocols and lifestyle alterations have our patients becoming the best source of referrals. Our bodies are engineered to be healthy not sick. Every individual has the potential, with our guidance, to arrive at a state of optimal health and wellbeing!”

Dr. Churchill and his team have formulated a cornucopia of proprietary health bearing treatments to advance individual wellbeing, aesthetic beauty and renewed energy. Dr. Churchill’s navigates a course that treats the underlying causes of disease and aging by applying the best proven scientific knowledge known in the medical community today. They emphasize that small attainable changes in diet, lifestyle, organically derived therapies, and treatments can result in mastering wellbeing, beauty and health for life. Treating the root-cause of disease helps restore the body, mind and spirit’s natural balance. The best possible lifelong health is attainable to all.

A swoon – worthy buffet of appetizers will be presented by Mrs. Cindy (Wei) Churchill including sea fresh sushi straight from the docks. Taste and culinary pleasure are not sacrificed at the hearth of health and diet at the Churchill Center. As a former celebrated Chef in Europe, Dr. ‘Dana’ with associated nutritionists prescribes health plans that bring individualized expertise for those suffering a spectrum of dietary sensitivities and weight challenges. The hors d’oeuvres will be complemented by a traditional artisanal herbal Tea Service originated by the National University of Natural Medicine under the NUNM Brand.

Australian actress and philanthropist Kelly Pantaleoni, CEO of the global environmental advocacy and Diane Kelly Public Relations are slated to host the affaire. and Diane stand strong in the face of social adversity. Kelly is known for her time on the screen but for circling the planet with a passion for purpose driven projects. Visit

Vector International Pictures (, /Forbes Magazine, Zrills Digital),EIN Newswire, three-time Grammy Awarded photographer, William Kidston, Eric Zuley Host of EZ TALK LIVE an Award Winning Digital Trailblazer, Deborah Gilleard Marketing and Dan Skorbach of Epoch Times Media Group are credited with filming and creating media awareness for the two new clinics.

Renowned as one of the Southland’s most esteemed Functional Medicine and Natural Aesthetic practitioners, Dr. Dana confirms the Churchill Center consuls patients from throughout Southern California and beyond. “We are evolving into a Center of educational and social engagement with rich networking gatherings, certification workshops, and an occasional film premiere screening,” says. Visit for a calendar of ongoing activities.

The Churchill Center boasts the latest therapeutic equipment including V.I.B.E.S, the industry leader in Vibroacoustic Sound Technology, LIMFA Pharma-Free therapy from Italian electromagnetic engineering turns back the clock on osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. The German Wave medical devise for joint or back pain and non-healing wounds will be demonstrated. The uber professional front office staff is known for calling their patients by name, not a number making a visit to the Churchill Center a pleasurable and now even more convenient destination. Any anxiety or dread one may feel at the outset of a typical doctor’s appointment dissipates at the Churchill Center into an experience that is both soothing and reassuring.

Under the direction of Dr. Dana Churchill, N.M.D, The Churchill Center has a highly trained staff of acupuncturists, nutritionists, IV infusion and vitamin/mineral/amino injection therapists, minimally evasive injectables for men and women and a medical masseuse on hand. Patients are clamoring for treatments involving full body de-tox to noninvasive facelifts, male enhancement and stem cell therapies.

The Churchill Centers are lauded for protecting the privacy of their patients by offering treatment in their offices and in-home appointments. The popularization of ‘Concierge Medicine’ harkens back to a time when caring physicians made house calls and plied their practice with a hand tooled black bag, thermometer and abundant empathy.

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