Tess Mann Atelier Prepares for Global Fashion Week Participation

Fashion designer Tess Mann sketching new designs for upcoming collections.

Tess Mann Atelier joins Global Fashion Collective for global showcases in Tokyo, New York, Milan, Paris, and Vancouver Fashion Weeks.

I am privileged to present my designs on the global stage, inspiring women to embrace their inner strength and beauty.”

— Tess Mann

COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, May 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tess Mann Atelier announces its participation in multiple global fashion weeks in collaboration with Global Fashion Collective. This partnership will showcase Tess Mann’s designs on international runways, including Tokyo, New York, Milan, Paris, and Vancouver Fashion Weeks.

The label will debut its latest collections, featuring a range of attire, reflecting Tess Mann’s distinctive style known for craftsmanship, detailing, and a celebration of femininity and strength.

Tess Mann announces a strategic shift in design focus towards evening wear, cocktail wear, resort and cruise wear, bespoke wardrobe, and custom creations. While still offering select bridal designs, the brand will prioritize these new categories. Welcoming this evolution, Tess Mann Atelier will integrate a selection of bridal designs into its brand, marking a shift from previous collections exclusively focused on bridal wear. This strategic move reflects the brand’s commitment to embracing innovation and meeting evolving market demands while acknowledging its rich heritage in bridal dressmaking.

“Tess Mann Atelier represents more than just fashion—it symbolizes empowerment, elegance, and individuality. I am privileged to present my designs on the global stage, inspiring women to embrace their inner strength and beauty,” says Tess Mann.

Tentative Show Dates in 2024 for Spring/Summer 2025 Showcases:

– Tokyo: August 28th – 31st
– New York: September 5th – 9th
– Milan: September 18th – 23rd
– Paris: September 26th – 30th
– Vancouver Fashion Week: October 15th – 20th

Please note that show dates are subject to change by event organizers. For any inquiries regarding Global Fashion Collective and their fashion week events, please contact their team at [email protected].

Global Fashion Collective, an extension of Vancouver Fashion Week, serves as a platform for both emerging and established designers to showcase their latest creations on an international scale. Since its inception in October 2017, GFC has curated exclusive runway showcases in fashion capitals worldwide, providing designers with exceptional opportunities for global brand exposure and market expansion.

As Tess Mann Atelier embarks on this exciting journey, the brand invites participation in its mission to expand its reach and impact. Here’s how organizations can get involved:

Gifting Suite Placements:

Partnering with Tess Mann Atelier for gifting suite placements presents a unique opportunity to elevate events by offering designs created with high dressmaking standards. Tess Mann Atelier’s latest collections are curated to resonate with high-profile audiences, making them an option for celebrity events, award ceremonies, travel and more. Tess Mann Atelier’s creations are designed to generate buzz and excitement within the entertainment industry and fashion communities.

Showroom Placements:

Collaborating with Tess Mann Atelier presents an opportunity to redefine high fashion for various fashion projects. With traditions in couture craftsmanship, Tess Mann Atelier’s style resonates with wardrobe stylists seeking high dressmaking standards. Stocking showrooms with Tess Mann Atelier ensures stylists have access to a curated selection of designs that reflect the quality necessary for the entertainment industry and media landscape showrooms are known for servicing.

Celebrity and Influencer Collaboration:

By collaborating with Tess Mann Atelier, celebrities and influencers gain access and previews to curated collections of designs shown on international runways. Agents representing celebrities and influencers are encouraged to reach out to the Tess Mann Atelier PR team to explore mutually beneficial partnership opportunities tailored to each individual’s unique brand and audience.

Retail Distribution:

Retailers interested in partnering to bring Tess Mann Atelier’s designs to discerning clientele are encouraged to explore collaboration opportunities. Whether based nationally or internationally, Tess Mann Atelier is committed to finding retail partners that align with the brand’s ethos and vision.

Media Collaboration:

Collaborating with Tess Mann Atelier offers access to a wealth of industry stories, behind-the-scenes insights, and exclusive content that resonate with fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Editors, producers, influencers, and journalists are invited to explore the endless possibilities of collaboration with Tess Mann Atelier to engage audiences in meaningful and inspiring ways. Contact the Tess Mann Atelier PR team to discover how to collaborate with the brand.

For inquiries or interview requests for Tess Mann, please contact:
Meredith Corning PR
Meredith (at) meredithcorning (dot) com

Follow Tess Mann Atelier at @tessmannatelier for exclusive behind-the-scenes content and updates or visit tessmannatelier.com for more information.

About Tess Mann Atelier:
Tess Mann Atelier is a luxury fashion label founded by Tess Mann. TMA is the eponymous fashion label founded by internationally recognized designer Tess Mann. Tess Mann designs for the proximal woman, inspiring her to be who she is without apology. While wearing Tess Mann, she is armed with unfailing confidence-both in the boardroom and out on the town. With a commitment to elegance and innovation, Tess Mann Atelier continues to redefine the boundaries of high fashion. Follow Tess Mann Atelier at @tessmannatelier. For more information, visit tessmannatelier.com.

About Tess Mann:
Tess Mann, the visionary fashion designer behind Tess Mann Atelier, has left an indelible mark on the world of fashion with her talent and dedication to creating exquisite garments. With a background in psychology and criminology, Mann’s journey towards becoming a celebrated designer was initially put on hold as she pursued a career with the FBI. However, upon retiring from the Bureau after over two decades of service, her passion for fashion led her to establish her own fashion brand. Drawing inspiration from art, culture, and her own creativity, Mann has developed a unique and distinguished style characterized by premium fabrics, fine detailing, and meticulous craftsmanship. Mann is renowned for her hand-drawn lace and embroidery designs, adding an extra layer of uniqueness and artistry to her creations. With notable achievements and participation in international fashion weeks, Tess Mann continues to redefine fashion with her innovative designs and commitment to creating timeless elegance.

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