Revolutionizing Job Search: Launches New Job Board Platform with Free Psychometric Assessments – Helping People find their Fit launches a new job board with free psychometric tests, ensuring perfect job fits, free postings, and total anonymity.

This is the future of recruitment, where job matches are based on deep understanding, not just resumes.”

— David Perry

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 2, 2024 / — is redefining the recruitment landscape with its innovative job board platform, aimed at connecting skilled individuals with progressive companies. In collaboration with Great People Inside, this platform is excited to provide an unmatched level of service that ensures job seeker privacy, eliminates recruitment costs, and introduces a complimentary psychometric assessment to enhance the hiring process. This initiative represents a crucial advancement in overcoming the ‘hired for skill, fired for fit’ dilemma by facilitating perfect alignments between candidates and company cultures.

The collaboration with Great People Inside transforms recruitment by incorporating advanced psychometric assessments into a cost-free service, enabling job seekers to find ideal roles while helping employers secure the best candidates. “This is the future of recruitment, where job matches are made based on profound insights, not just resumes,” stated David Perry, co-founder of

Alongside Great People Inside, the platform introduces a sophisticated psychometric testing tool available to all job seekers. This tool goes beyond evaluating skills; it serves as a means to uncover true potential, ensuring personal values and strengths resonate with suitable corporate cultures. This vital information supports candidates in making well-informed career decisions, contributing to a more effective and harmonious workplace for all parties.

Rick Yvanovich, Co-Founder of Great People Inside, expresses similar sentiments. “Our goal is to reshape how job seekers find their perfect positions and how employers discover their ideal candidates. We are not only making the hiring process smoother but also more effective for everyone involved.” surpasses traditional job board boundaries by removing financial barriers for recruiters and employers, offering unlimited free job postings. This approach democratizes talent sourcing, accessible to businesses of all sizes and helping to uncover exceptional talent without financial constraints. A commitment to skills-based hiring supports a more inclusive job market, actively combating ageism and personal bias by ensuring opportunities are awarded based on merit.

The platform prioritizes complete privacy for job seekers, empowering them to pursue new opportunities with confidence. This strategy, combined with a cost-free model, establishes as a pioneering force in recruitment, promoting new norms for transparency, fairness, and efficiency in the job market., together with Great People Inside, is not merely changing the job search process; it is setting new standards in recruitment and talent acquisition. By integrating psychometric assessments to confirm cultural fit, the platform tackles the fundamental issues of job satisfaction and retention decisively, advancing beyond traditional skills matching to a comprehensive ‘fit-first’ strategy. Experience a new era of job searching with—where privacy is safeguarded, skills are appreciated, and the ideal job match is readily accessible.

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