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Renova Panel Maintenance

When problems arise with a solar system, RenovaPLUS can help homeowners — even if Renova Energy did not install the system.

RenovaPLUS is taking up the slack in the solar industry for all of the solar companies that have left the market. It does no good to have homeowners strapped with inoperable solar energy systems.”

— Vincent Battaglia, CEO of Renova Energy

PALM DESERT, CA, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2023/ — RenovaPLUS is a division of Renova Energy in both California and Arizona that was established to assist owners of solar energy systems with inspections, repairs, maintenance, or additions, no matter who installed their solar equipment.

Many solar owners have been ‘orphaned’ systems as the companies that sold, installed, or manufactured the panels and equipment, have disappeared.

Between 2000 and 2016, about 8,700 unique solar companies installed at least one solar energy system on American homes. By the end of 2016, only 2,900 installers were still active, meaning two-thirds of all solar companies had faced solar bankruptcy or simply vanished. Since that time, even more solar companies have come and gone, leaving homeowners with the quandary of where to turn when they need solar help.

RenovaPLUS was formed for that reason! Renova Energy is one of the very few solar companies with an in-house division to solve solar problems for homeowners in desert communities of CA and AZ. They not only provide inspections, panel cleaning, maintenance, and repairs for solar systems no matter who manufactured, sold, or installed the system — they can also add panels, solar batteries, or EV chargers. Whether Renova installed the system or not, RenovaPlus can come to the rescue!

“RenovaPLUS is taking up the slack in the solar industry for all of the solar companies that have left the market,” stated Vincent Battaglia, CEO and author of “Cut the Cord: How to Achieve Energy Independence by Joining the Solar-Powered Microgrid Revolution. “As our communities and the world move toward sustainable energy it does no good to have homeowners strapped with inoperable or inefficient residential solar energy systems.”

RenovaPLUS is under the Renova Energy umbrella, a company that was established in 2006 and has installed more than 85 megawatts of solar and enjoys stellar ratings on Yelp! and Solar Reviews. There are many reasons it is an award-winning company and that more than 75% of their business comes from referrals of happy customers. The staff is passionate about solar now and into the future — making a difference for customers and communities. Plus, they employ more than 300 people and offer training to help people join and move up in the growing solar industry.

About RenovaPLUS

Since 2006Renova Energy a Palm Desert-based solar company has made a name for itself as a trusted partner for customers’ energy needs. Its service arm, RenovaPLUS, adds services needed by many residential and commercial customers — the maintenance that keeps desert solar systems reproducing at top levels. The companies have been designing, permitting, installing, and maintaining solar energy systems and back-up storage using the best technology and craftsmanship backed by a knowledgeable team and the experience for residential and commercial applications throughout California and Arizona desert communities. As desert specialists, the company incorporates specialized products and techniques that combat rapid temperature changes and seasonal effects to ensure each system produces the maximum energy possible for as long as possible. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and reliable, and adds significant value to properties. Sister company, RenovaROOFS can repair or re-roof when required to install an energy producing, sustainable solar system. Learn more at:

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