Marc Abecassis presents groundbreaking advancement in testicular surgery

Bachir Athmani and Marc Abecassis, the two inventors of these revolutionary new implants

A pioneer of penoplasty in Europe, the plastic surgeon has developed a new implant method that will give hope to many men who have had their testicles removed.

This innovation will make it possible to de-dramatize the complex relationship that people often have with their intimacy.”

— Dr Marc Abecassis

PARIS, PARIS, FRANCE, November 22, 2023 / — February 2023. Sébastien Haller exults. All his team-mates come up to him and embrace him for long minutes after his goal. The famous south stand of the Dortmund stadium is also jubilant. It’s not just a goal. It’s an ode to life. The star striker has come a long way. It was his first goal for Borussia Dortmund after overcoming testicular cancer and painful double chemotherapy sessions lasting two operations. Testicular cancer mainly affects men between the ages of 20 and 40.

Revolutionary method of testicular implant surgery

« For a man, the removal of a testicle due to trauma or cancer is always an ordeal, just as it is for a woman suffering from breast cancer », explains Doctor Marc Abecassis, a world reference in the field of intimate surgery for over thirty years. The doctor, who practices between Paris, London and Geneva, has just perfected a revolutionary method of testicular implant surgery.

Traditional testicular prostheses made from biocompatible materials such as silicone or saline already exist. However, they present a risk of leakage, and the aesthetic results are sometimes disappointing for the patient, who has the impression of having three or even four testicles ( The implants developed by Dr. Marc Abecassis and his colleague Dr Bachir Athmani will replace or encompass the existing testicle. « The advantage of this method is that the existing texticule remains functional and can be explored, for example, during an ultrasound scan ». This innovation punctuates more than 10 years of research, with considerable advances in both texture and form. These advances have enabled Dr. Abecassis’s invention to benefit from an INPI patent in France and many other foreign countries.

Those implants are still in process for next certification by health authorities.

Dr Marc Abecassis: “When you change the way you look, you also change the way you are”

« This innovation will make it possible to de-dramatize the complex relationship that people often have with their intimacy. In my opinion, we’re going to experience the same phenomenon as we did forty years ago with breast implants for women. Today, this type of operation has become a way of life, » explains Dr. Marc Abecassis. And he adds: « From experience, I know that many men have a complex about the size of their scrotum or testicles. I’m convinced that patients will be happy to learn that this new technique exists, because you know, a complex can be disabling. When you change the way you look, you also change the way you are. » Moral health leads to better general health. But Dr. Abecassis doesn’t respond to patients’ crazy requests. « As with any surgery, there is of course a patient selection process. Because, to ensure the success of an operation, one of the essential elements is to correctly establish the indication, i.e. to see if the patient, psychologically and clinically, is going to correspond to the reality of an operation, to what we can offer him at that moment. » In short, surgery is not a simple magic trick.

Dr Marc Abecassis
Clinique de La Croix d’Or, Geneva
[email protected]

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