Kindred Tales Launches AI Transcription Services to Assist with Creation of Keepsake Memoirs

Kindred Tales Unveils AI Transcription: Transform Conversations into Timeless Narratives—The Perfect Holiday Gift to Preserve Cherished Memories

Kindred Tale’s introduction of AI Transcription services is a perfect complement to our recently introduced AI Biographer, which is a sign of our commitment to delivering modern, easy-to-use tools.”

— Nick Hern

SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2023 / — Kindred Tales, a company that helps preserve your loved one’s life story in a beautiful keepsake book, proudly unveils its latest release: AI Transcription services. With the addition of AI Transcription, Kindred Tales is redefining the way someone’s life stories are captured, transcribed, and immortalized in a beautiful keepsake book.

The introduction of our AI Transcription services marks a pivotal moment in the realm of preserving treasured conversations and untold stories. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, Kindred Tales offers users an unprecedented opportunity to effortlessly transcribe their life’s stories into written form, ensuring no precious moment is lost to time.

“Our mission at Kindred Tales has always been to honor the rich tapestry of our customer’s life stories,” says Nick, Founder of Kindred Tales. “Kindred Tale’s introduction of AI Transcription services is a perfect compliment to our recently introduced AI Biographer, which is a sign of our commitment to delivering modern, easy-to-use tools, that make the capturing of your loved one’s legacy even more accessible, preserving them in a tangible, everlasting form.”

The AI Transcription service features two convenient methods: users can record audio on their personal devices and upload it for accurate transcription, or opt for live streaming, allowing real-time dictation of their thoughts.

The key to Kindred Tales’ AI Transcription services lies in its simplicity and accessibility. Users can now effortlessly transform spoken words into written narratives, ensuring the preservation of family anecdotes, life lessons, and heartfelt conversations. “We noticed a gap in the market, where prospective customers were looking for a traditional means of dictating their thoughts and memories as an alternative to typing everything out to start. This was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the recent advances in artificial intelligence to meet this demand in a new and cost-effective manner.”

In addition, the launch of AI Transcription services couldn’t come at a more opportune time. As the holiday season approaches, Kindred Tales offers an ideal and memorable gift for parents or grandparents, with their best deals now live this Black Friday and more expected as Christmas nears. Give the gift of preserving cherished memories—a beautifully transcribed conversation or story, bound in a hardcover book—a legacy to be treasured for generations.

Join Kindred Tales in celebrating the introduction of our AI Transcription services and embark on a journey of capturing conversations, preserving legacies, and making memories last a lifetime.

For more information or to sign up for either our Traditional or AI Transcription services, please visit our website.

About Kindred Tales:

Kindred Tales allows your loved ones to capture, curate, and immortalize their memories in a beautiful keepsake memoir to cherish for generations. Each week, Kindred Tales will email a personal question to answer, from either a family member or our library of custom prompts. After a year they will have accumulated enough stories to create a beautiful hardcover book. To better empower your loved ones to capture their most meaningful memories with ease, Kindred Tales is now pioneering AI-driven solutions to simplify how they capture, curate, and immortalize their timeless legacies.

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