Houston Entrepreneur’s Innovative Shower Cap Protects Lashes and Hair, While Supporting Sex Trafficking Survivors

Torsha Johnson, founder of Shower Chique

Our mission is to empower the beauty of women by providing thoughtful products that enhance their beauty routines and elevate their confidence, while also giving back to make a greater impact.”

— Torsha Johnson, founder of Shower Chique

HOUSTON, TEXAS, US, May 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Torsha Johnson, a trailblazing female entrepreneur and First Lady of Houston’s Higher Dimension Church, is proud to announce the launch of her innovative “Shower Chique Shower Cap”, the only product on the market designed to protect a woman’s brows, hair, and lashes from the direct spray of water in the shower!

Johnson’s revolutionary new product not only protects women’s beauty assets, it also helps make a difference in the lives of sex trafficking survivors by donating a portion of all sales to the Real Beauty Real Women Foundation.

The Shower Chique Shower Cap features a unique design with a satin lining to protect the hair and a clear visor to shield the brows and lashes from water exposure. This innovative cap can be worn with the visor up for regular shower use or with the visor down to provide targeted protection for delicate beauty features. Additionally, it can be inverted and used with a disposable cap to seal in hot oils, masks, or hair treatments, offering versatility for multiple beauty routines.

Johnson, whose passion is all about helping women feel good about themselves, got the idea for Shower Chique from her own personal experiences. The busy entrepreneur, author, and pastor was traveling on her relationship book tour when she experienced the continual frustration of wet lashes and lash loss from showering. Recognizing the need for a product to protect costly beauty investments like Microblading, hair and lash extensions, Johnson set out to develop a solution.

“We understand the demands of modern life and the importance of feeling confident and beautiful,” said Torsha Johnson, founder of Shower Chique. “Our mission is to empower women by providing thoughtful products that enhance their beauty routines and elevate their confidence and overall well-being, while also giving back to make a greater impact on the community.”

In addition to offering women a new ‘Lash Bestie’ and a practical solution for a growing beauty dilemma, Shower Chique is donating a percentage of all sales towards the rehabilitation of sex trafficking survivors, aligning with Johnson’s commitment to social responsibility, supporting vulnerable populations, and empowering women toward self-love.

Committed to environmental sustainability, Shower Chique also utilizes 100% EVA plastic for the outer layer of the shower cap, offering a healthier alternative to vinyl. The satin inner lining also ensures maximum comfort and protection for every hair style.

The new Shower Chique Shower Cap comes in five fashion colors and prints and is available for purchase at https://showerchique.myshopify.com.

For more information about Shower Chique, visit https://showerchique.myshopify.com and follow them at @showerchique.

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