Exploring “The Ocean Inside Me” – R.G. Shore: An Inspiring Memoir on Healing Racial and Spiritual Trauma now available

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R.G. Shore explores healing racial and spiritual trauma as a person of color incarcerated in an almost all-white prison in Oregon.

A refreshingly compassionate way of seeing the world.”

— Indies Today

EUGENE, OREGON, UNITED STATES , March 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — R.G. Shore’s debut memoir The Ocean Inside Me: A Spiritual Memoir on Healing Racial Trauma is now officially available online and in broad release from Northwest Wisdom Publications. The story of Shore’s internal journey of self-discovery while simultaneously learning to navigate the degrading, racist environment of Oregon’s prison system is an engrossing memoir that will inspire readers from any background. The book has received positive reviews, accolades, and awards, including Kirkus Reviews, which called it “an insightful, mystic exploration of spiritual and racial healing,” as well as Indies Today, which called attention to the narrative’s “refreshingly compassionate way of seeing the world.” The book is also a recipient of the 2024 FIREBIRD award for spirituality.

As a companion to the book, Shore has also offered a masterclass on healing trauma through meditation, now available on udemy.

One of the author’s primary objectives in releasing The Ocean Inside Me was using his own experience to shed light on marginalized communities, both people of color and those currently in the incarceration system. Not only is the book a powerful personal narrative of overcoming trauma; it also deftly illuminates the culture and conditions inside Oregon’s prison system, where Shore, as a person of color, faced harsh conditions and discrimination from the largely white population. Regardless of one’s background, the author’s insightful, open-hearted approach to telling his own story, as well as his approach to those around him, will be universally appreciated.

Shore explains that for him, publishing The Ocean Inside Me is the culmination of a longer spiritual journey. “Healing is innately a part of us. I am extremely proud of my journey thus far. It’s funny how growth often comes to us in the most peculiar ways. Yet, meditation found me exactly where I needed to be found. Though it’s been a non-linear path, I know now that I was always being led to a deeper healing. Going into our own wounds presents the opportunity to help others face their own. It’s my hope that this book will be the start of this next phase of healing.”

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