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In a time when science and spirituality increasingly intersect, author Christian Howard is being hailed as a very different kind of leader.

…we are souls dressed up in sacred bio-chemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.”

— Albert Einstein

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Howard’s first book called ‘Is Eternity Already Here’ is getting 5-star reviews and comments like: “I was never so inspired from reading the Bible….it is a gift to this world and we should all be grateful for it…you will be in awe after reading this book”, and “this is a book for everyone of every faith”. These show Howard’s approach to spirituality is being very well received.

But this was just the beginning. His second book – From My Soul to Yours – the Poem Journeys of a Mystic Mind is also getting 5-star reviews. and comments like: “It’s such a great book! Christian is one of the best writers of our generation! These poems could have only been inspired by God, and I truly believe they will inspire and touch many people for generations to come!” Another added, “I absolutely loved these poems. If it weren’t for the fact that I had to stop and contemplate the poems at times, I wouldn’t have put the book down. Christian Howard is a remarkable writer, infusing his thoughts with grace and love that they jump right off the page.”


When asked about the poems, Howard says he wrote them 50 years ago during his period of spiritual awakening. Reflecting on why it took so long to share them, he responds: “All I can do is quote the Byrds’ song ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ by—’to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.’ Now is the time for their purpose – to help bring love and inspiration into our hurting world.”

Like Apple founder Steve Jobs who called Yogananda the key to his success, along with millions of others back in the 70s, Howard was also a Yogananda devotee. The poems came to him during this time of deep meditation, spiritual exploration and study. “I eventually opened up enough so my soul could communicate with me by way of inspirations,” Howard shares. “The poems were like helping hands it used to guide my spiritual journey. So don’t for a second think of them as my poems. Puccini said God had already written the opera Madame Butterfly and he just copied it down. I feel the same way about these poems—It was like transcribing somebody’s dictation.”


His background is unique. He has been a hypnotherapist, private pilot, professional actor, musician and songwriter. He played Sir Bruce in the Warner Bros. film “Camelot,” and his song “Carnival Bear,” sung by Linda Ronstadt can be found on YouTube. Fluent in Spanish, with the aid of a teleprompter Howard could also deliver talks in French, German, and Russian. He owned a marketing company and designed the Athen Disposal corporate logo they still use and can be seen on their trucks today. In his work, he avoids all beliefs and only deals with evidence, facts and logical conclusions. He’s an enthusiast of quantum physics that provides scientific evidence to support the spiritual truth that everything in the universe is interconnected. His life has included many hundreds of personal paranormal experiences. Still today he has company that restores classic cars. Besides his continuing mental and spiritual focus, at 84 he says he gets up feeling as if he’s 40 and keeps fit with his weight set or by ending a day with 25 pushups.

On his role as some kind of spiritual leader, Howard reflects: “I would be grateful if people just thought of me as like a spare grandpa, a spiritual grandpa who went to the attic to get a treasure I’ve been saving up for you to help lift up and enrich your life. It’s dusted off now and here it is, given with all my love.”

The watercolors that go with the poems were painted by Howard’s roommate of that time, Keith Matthewson, a fellow devotee of Yogananda’s. Keith married his sweetheart at Lake Shrine and their lives of course went different ways, but the memories of their friendship will remain always through Howard’s poems and Matthewson’s beautiful art side by side. To learn more about Howard and to purchase his book, visit www.word-songs.org. His other book – Is Eternity Already Here can be previewed at www.iseternityhere.org.

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