Doris Burby Life Coach to be Featured on Close Up Radio

KEARNEY, NEBRASKA, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2024 / — Doris Burby can help you finally meet the guy of your dreams. As a certified Jungian life, Jungian mindset, and relationship specialist coach, Doris’ work is focused on working with our unconscious mind.

Doris explains in most cases, we choose these wrong partners for a variety of psychological reasons. We are literally attracting someone based on our unconscious so our unconscious attracts someone else’s unconsciousness. It’s a recipe for disaster.

According to Doris, we need to evolve and develop psychologically, and when we do so we won’t attract these types of people anymore.

So until we change ourselves, we will not only attract the same guys, but we will continually fill our wounds with alcohol, over spending, eating junk food, and vaping, and other maladaptive habits. When we find our romantic partners, we hope they will fill the void and rescue us. We expect them to give us something that we lack in ourselves. But that’s not what a partner is meant to do. Not until we do our inner work, and embrace the amazing potential we have, can we ever find the right relationship no matter where we search.

The answer resides in the unconscious, and Doris with her warm, practical, down to earth nature, expertly and magnificently assists us in doing the inner work. By asking us the right questions and helping us dig deep, she probes us into finding what we can’t see. Finally, we can love our authentic selves and let go of all the unconscious patterns that have been holding us back from genuine happiness. We can stop doing what society expects of us and be who we were always meant to be.

By working with Doris, we can save ourselves from all the misery of being in the dating scene and repeating the same pattern of behavior that yields more heartbreak, helplessness, and disappointment.

Through her intense coaching work, Doris helps us connect with ourselves, find inner happiness, gratitude, and self-acceptance. We can bring all these wonderful qualities into our next relationship and be happy with our soulmate, our loved ones, and everyone we meet, because we are happy with ourselves.

Close Up Radio will feature Doris Burby in an interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday January 16th at 12pm EST

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