Domadera Design Announces Exciting New Partnerships to Celebrate Diversity and Community in Frederick, Maryland

Eunice Turner, owner of Domadera Design, a woodworking business inspiring community members to embrace their dreams and see them become reality. (Photo by Paradigm Shift Communications, LLC)

Artisan in Action: Eunice Turner, the creative force behind Domadera Design, stands proudly amidst her handcrafted masterpieces. Each piece, a testament to her passion for cultural expression, diversity, and community. (Courtesy Photo)

One of Eunice Turner’s latest creations, a charming wood sign representing Frederick High School. (Courtesy Photo)

One of Eunice Turner’s latest creations, a charming wood sign representing unity and freedom through a depiction of President Abraham Lincoln. (Photo By Paradigm Shift Communications, LLC)

Crafting Culture: Eunice Turner showcases her intricate and culturally-inspired creations from Domadera Design, weaving a vibrant tapestry of diversity and artistry in Frederick, Maryland. Each piece tells a unique story. (Courtesy Photo)

Domadera Design announces new partnerships in Frederick, MD, embracing diversity and community spirit.

This community has a special place in my heart, and I’m on a mission to enrich it through my craft.””

— Eunice Turner, owner of Domadera Design

FREDERICK, MARYLAND, USA, January 12, 2024 / — Domadera Design is proud to announce a series of exciting new partnerships aimed at further enriching Frederick, Maryland’s local charm, and celebrating diversity and community spirit.

Eunice Turner, a soulful artisan hailing from Puerto Rico and proudly embracing the American dream, has interwoven her story of community, diversity, and entrepreneurship into the vibrant tapestry of Frederick, Maryland through her creation, Domadera Design.

Fueled by the legacy of her hardworking parents, who carved out their American success story, Turner has embraced her role as a business owner, seeking to radiate positivity in the community that warmly welcomed her.

In a heartfelt moment, Turner shares, “My parents embedded the values of hard work and giving back in me. Their journey laid the foundation for mine, and with Domadera Design, I’m painting Frederick with hues of diversity and inclusivity in their honor.

Turner’s father came to America from the Dominican Republic and her mother from Guatemala. The two met in Washington, D.C. while attending church services. After Turner was born, they moved to Puerto Rico where her parents ran an old printing company. It was there Turner first learned woodworking while helping her father around the clock in the shop.

When Turner turned 21 years old, she moved back to the Frederick area and began her journey.

“This community has a special place in my heart,” said Turner. “I’m on a mission to enrich it through my craft.”

Turner’s artistic journey unfolds within the walls of her home in Lake Linganore, Maryland, where she painstakingly crafts each piece by hand in her garage. In this intimate space, her creations come to life, embodying a personalized touch that reflects her dedication to her craft and community.

Beyond the confines of her garage, Turner is a familiar face at Lake Linganore and New Market community events, engaging with neighbors and community members who adore her work. Her active participation in local gatherings reflects her natural desire to foster positive connections and spread the spirit of inclusivity.

Since settling in Frederick, Turner longed for more diversity in local businesses. Rooted in her Latin-American heritage, she birthed Domadera Design, a haven for unique, culturally and community-inspired home decor and accessories. For Turner, it’s not just about the pieces; it’s about crafting a space where everyone sees a reflection of themselves.

“Domadera Design isn’t just pieces of wood; it’s about weaving impactful connections throughout the Frederick community,” Turner warmly emphasizes.

Turner collaborates with local organizations, pouring love into supporting women and youth. Through her platform, she champions unity, diversity, and community engagement.

The Frederick community reciprocates this love, which is evident in testimonials from customers as one comments, “Endless creativity, dedication, and commitment to emerge above the ordinary. It makes Domadera Design stand by itself far and beyond expectations.”

Another customer shared, “Eunice is a dream to work with!! I told her what I’d like the sign to say and sent her a photo of the pillows on my deck… I absolutely love it and will be having her create gifts for me in the future.”

Looking ahead, Turner envisions expanding her craft to a broader audience, aiming to secure professional commissions from local businesses. She is eager to adorn local establishments with her unique creations, making her art a visual celebration for all in the Frederick, Maryland community to enjoy and appreciate.

Turner said she was honored to recently be accepted as a local Artist by the Delaplaine Arts Center located in historic downtown Frederick on Carroll Street. The arts center even invited her to showcase her work in the studio’s gallery this coming April.

Yet, Domadera Design’s impact extends beyond the tangible. Turner envisions more than just beautiful decor with Domadera Design. As she passionately crafts her pieces, she shares, “My dream is to one day open a place for high school students who love woodworking and where they can come and make things to start their own business and dreams. I’ve spent time at Frederick High School and worked with students. We created an amazing sign, one of my happiest days ever.”

Turner described the Spanish-speaking connections she’s made in the schools with students and staff who aspire to see their dreams come true as her calling.

Beyond local impact, Turner yearns to ignite the dreams of fellow Latin-American women.

“I want to be a source of encouragement, a spark that fuels dreams. It’s not just about breaking barriers; it’s about leaving a trail for others to follow and succeed on their own journeys,” Turner said.

Turner’s journey in her community is about giving back. She expresses that as Domadera Design flourishes, it stands as a symbol of unity and inclusivity in the Frederick area.

“Frederick County isn’t just where I work; it’s my community, said Turner. “Through Domadera Design, I want to inspire others, especially my fellow Latin-American sisters, to chase their dreams and infuse positivity into the communities that embrace them.”

About Domadera Design:

Domadera Design is an artisanal brand founded by Eunice Turner, dedicated to crafting unique, culturally-inspired handmade wooden home decor and accessories. Rooted in a deep commitment to diversity and community engagement, Domadera Design creates pieces that reflect the vibrant tapestry of Frederick, Maryland, and beyond. Each creation is meticulously handcrafted with a personalized touch, embodying the values of unity, inclusivity, and giving back to the community. Domadera Design is more than a brand; it’s a celebration of culture and the power of dreams.

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