“DEAD” A Book By Best Selling Author JT Wulf Releases Audio Narration Of The Opening Dying Scene

DEAD – A New Book By JT WULF

"Faded Shadow" A New Book By Best Selling Author JT Wulf

“Faded Shadow” A New Book By Best Selling Author JT Wulf

"The Cellar Door" A New Book By Best Selling Author JT Wulf

“The Cellar Door” A New Book By Best Selling Author JT Wulf

JT Wulf Releases audio narration of the opening dying scene of his Book “Dead”. ” The audio narration by Tim Fearon is so riveting,” Wulf says.

A man’s body convulsed with agony as he lay pinned to the hospital bed, surrounded by a cacophony of beeps and whirrs from machines that were keeping him alive.” A Passage From The Book “DEAD”

— JT Wulf

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Best Selling Author JT Wulf says that his new book “Dead” takes readers on a journey from when you start to die to the final breath. ” The audio narration by Tim Fearon is so convincing,” Wulf says. Tim Fearon is a voice actor that has recently completed roles in three radio dramas but is also noted for his many acting roles, such as playing King Lear on a tour of the southwest of the UK. JT Wulf says that in the future, he will utilize Tim Fearon’s great voice for many of his books, such as The Transition Hole, A Town Called Thereafter, The Inn, and The Cellar Door. ” I believe having a great voice actor such as Tim Fearon on board just adds to the reader’s experience,” says Wulf.

JT Wulf says that he has also just released his compilation book entitled “Faded Shadow” in paperback, which contains his best four short stories. “Even if readers are not fans of horror, they will appreciate the phycological elements of these stories,” says Wulf.

About JT Wulf

JT Wulf is a best-selling author in Horror. Before “Dead,” his most recent e-book available at most major bookstores selling e-books in North America is “The Transition Hole,” based on an original screenplay by the same name, also written by JT Wulf.

Website: www.jaytwulf.com

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Dead – A New Book By Best Selling author JT Wulf

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