Belmont City Press LLC Announces “Connections” With LGBTQ Athlete and Coach Pat Spencer

A distinguished social worker, mental skills coach, and endurance athlete, Pat Spencer aims to revolutionize the mental landscape of endurance sports.

Spencer’s dedication to empowering female-identifying & LGBTQ endurance athletes through ‘Connections’ provides much-needed resources for athletes looking to thrive mentally and physically.”

— Red Hilton CEO/Publisher Belmont City Press LLC

BOSTON, MA, USA, September 8, 2023/ — Boston’s boutique publisher Belmont City Press LLC announces that Pat Spencer, an esteemed social worker, therapist, mental skills coach, accomplished endurance athlete, and founder of Getting Your Mind In Gear (, has co-authored an inspiring anthology titled “Connections.” “Connections” is a groundbreaking compilation that delves into the stories behind four coaches who help athletes navigate the mental challenges that athletes face by providing invaluable guidance for achieving peak performance while fostering mental well-being. Spencer’s contribution to “Connections” is designed to empower female-identifying and LGBTQ endurance athletes.

As an openly gay female endurance athlete, Pat Spencer brings a wealth of personal and professional insight to “Connections.” Having excelled in long-course triathlons and gravel cycling, Spencer’s journey has been marked by resilience, determination, and the pursuit of creating an inclusive space for athletes from diverse backgrounds.

In the world of endurance sports, Spencer noticed a glaring underrepresentation of women and LGBTQ individuals, particularly at events and group training sessions. “I would often be the only or one of the few out gay persons racing,” Spencer shared. “I realized that false notions prevailed, such as the idea that women are not interested in long-distance racing. By telling my story in ‘Connections,’ I’m here to shatter these myths and amplify the voices of the underrepresented.”

“Connections” focuses on the source of Spencer’s passion for the mental aspects of endurance sports, a domain often overlooked despite its crucial role in athletic success. Spencer’s expertise as a clinically licensed social worker and therapist has enabled her to craft a narrative that navigates the intricate landscape of the mind. “We spend hours with only our thoughts and emotions occupying our minds. While we’re rigorously trained physically, the mental side often remains unaddressed,” Spencer emphasized.

Women in the endurance community frequently express concerns about anxiety, race day jitters, inner critic, and a lack of confidence. Spencer’s authentic approach towards addressing these concerns is drawn from her dual role as a mental health professional and an endurance athlete, making “Connections” a relatable and essential resource. The anthology tells the story of the person behind the practical strategies, insights, and tools used to help athletes build mental resilience, cope with challenges, and unleash their full potential.

“Pat Spencer’s dedication to empowering female-identifying and LGBTQ endurance athletes through ‘Connections’ is admirable,” noted Red Hilton, Belmont City Press LLC. “This anthology not only breaks down barriers but also provides much-needed resources for athletes looking to thrive mentally and physically.” The resources Spencer provides through “” include Group Sessions, Individual Consultations, Self-Paced Online Courses (with live Zoom Q&A), and Customized Workshops. She is also available for speaking engagements.

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