Attorney Reed Scott Releases California Asset Protection Guide to Protect Entrepreneurs and Professionals from Lawsuits

UNITED STATES, June 29, 2023/ — Reed Scott, noted attorney and accomplished author, has released his latest book titled The California Asset Protection Guide (The NON-Legalese California Business Owner’s & Professional’s Guide to Asset Protection & Tax Planning). Designed specifically for successful entrepreneurs and professionals, the book offers practical advice and protection strategies to keep businesses and personal wealth secure from lawsuits and creditors.

Reed’s California Asset Protection Guide goes beyond the legalese to provide a clear understanding of essential asset protection strategies. It covers a wide range of topics, including how to safeguard businesses from employee or customer lawsuits, protect personal investments and real estate, and navigate professional practice and personal asset protection. The guide also addresses the shortcomings of liability or malpractice insurance, why limited liability companies are not the best form of asset protection, and the unique California asset protection rights many people are unaware of.

The California Asset Protection Guide is a must-read not only for entrepreneurs and professionals, but also for financial advisors and CPAs. Phil Wilson, Tax Partner at Marcum LLP, has praised the book, saying, “The author has taken the legalese out of asset protection and translated it into plain English. It’s a no-nonsense book for the California business owner, and should be required reading for CPAs practicing in California.”

The benefits of the book are invaluable, as hard-working business owners and professionals face numerous risks and are often just one lawsuit away from having to start over. Reed Scott understands the challenges these individuals face, having worked with successful entrepreneurs and professionals for over twenty years. “It makes me sick to see how hard entrepreneurs and professionals work to build something positive, knowing how easily they can lose everything to an aggressive lawyer on contingency attempting to get rich with a lawsuit.” Negative efforts, the energy that goes into attacking something positive, should not be rewarded,” says Mr. Scott.

Reed Scott also offers an informative webinar to provide insight into the asset protection strategies outlined in the book. To learn how to protect everything you’ve worked for, visit: The California Asset Protection Guide Webinar

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