Astons Highlights the Rising Demand for Passport and Residency Portfolios

Alena Lesina, Astons Citizenship, Residency, and Real Estate Investment Expert

Astons, hosted two pivotal webinars that shed light on the escalating costs of residency and citizenship-by-investment programs worldwide

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 13, 2024 / — Amidst the changing landscape of global investment migration, Astons, a leader in luxury real estate and investment migration, hosted two pivotal webinars that shed light on the escalating costs of residency and citizenship-by-investment programs worldwide — a phenomenon resulting from a surge in global demand.

The sessions highlighted significant program adjustments to price and investment zones in the official Greek Golden Visa program and synchronized price increases announced by the “Caribbean Five,” while also exploring the most cost-effective programs currently available to investors.

The first webinar, “The Rising Costs of Investment Migration,” detailed the upward trends in investment thresholds, notably in Greece and the Caribbean. The second session offered insights into remaining affordable pathways for securing global mobility and residency.

Alena Lesina, Astons’ expert on Caribbean and EU investment migration, remarked, “The adjustments in investment thresholds being made by these nations reflects a strategic recalibration by their governments to align with global economic shifts and maintain the high value of their programs.”

These topics are particularly timely as, in addition to the already-announced increases, unconfirmed rumors suggest potential price hikes for Turkey’s official citizenship-by-investment program in the coming months and possible increases in the Cypriot Golden Visa program as Cyprus moves closer to joining the Schengen Zone.

“The potential price adjustments in Turkey and Cyprus could reshape the investment landscape significantly,” added Lesina. “With Greece’s recent changes signaling a shift in the EU’s access affordability, the landscape of investment migration is evolving rapidly. This is of particular interest for investors hoping to achieve EU residency before the EES program comes into effect in October.”

These webinars are part of Astons’ commitment to keeping clients informed and prepared for the dynamic world of global investment migration, providing strategic insights that help navigate the complexities of acquiring Plan B citizenships and residencies.

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